I will never forget the overwhelming feeling that rushed through my body when I saw my own engagement gallery pop up in my inbox only a few days before our wedding. Since then, I've kept that feeling close with me and now understand what it's like to be on the other end of what I do. 

Ellie & Trav are a complete breath of fresh air. They are kind, caring, loving and supportive of each other. Pretty much the perfect concoction for a lifetime of happiness! Ellie is a kick ass Graphic Designer and she won my Valentine's Day Giveaway for the year. I was pretty excited when I saw she was the winner, because I know she loves Instagram and would be all over sharing the love! 

You don't need to spend hours going from location to location to get the perfect shots. Sometimes less it more; we spent a mere 20 minutes in the same location to get these shots and I am so excited to share them. Enjoy!

Dubbo Engagement Photography